About Us


Italia & Ribs Gastronomia - where authentic traditional Italian cuisine meets good ol’ fashioned smoked ribs.


With a commitment to quality, our ingredients have been sourced from all around the world and only the best make it to your table. Our pasta and pizzas are also freshly handmade in-house daily and cooked to perfection for every plate served. Not forgetting our incredibly succulent pork ribs paired with our own special bourbon-whiskey sauce, we’re all about fresh ingredients and flavors that will tantalize even the most discerning guests. 


With a great variety of fresh salad, pizza, and pasta to tender slow-cooked ribs and mouthwatering cured meats, our menu definitely has something to please every taste. Book a table with us today and let your taste buds determine if we have the best there is to offer right in the heart of Malaysia.